Sketcher-D gameplay video

2017-03-03 20:25:19 by snoboxstudio

We're super happy (and honestly, kind of surprised) that Sketcher-D for browser has done so well! Thank you so much to everyone who has played and rated it :)  Here's a quick video we did of our game designer (Sabrina) playing on 'Insane' difficulty. We're sad we weren't able to integrate the highscore API into this game, but we are definitely working on it for future games (such as Hive Mind!!)

Also, there was some mention of this game possibly being better for mobile, too, and it just so happens that the first rendition of Sketcher-D was released for Google Play! It's free, so if you're interested in trying it out, search it up on the Google Play store or follow THIS link ;)


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2017-03-04 09:28:05

Alright I'll try it...

snoboxstudio responds:

xD thanks!